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From “The Kingdom of God Is Within You”

“In spite of the unceasing efforts of those who happen to be in authority to conceal this and attribute some other significance to it, authority has always meant for man the cord, the chain with which he is bound and fettered, or the knout with which he is to be flogged, or the ax with which he is to have hands, ears, nose, or head cut off, or at the very least, the threat of these terrors. So it was under Nero and Ghenghis Khan, and so it is to-day, even under the most liberal government in the Republics of the United States or of France. If men submit to authority, it is only because they are liable to these punishments in case of non-submission. All state obligations, payment of taxes, fulfillment of state duties, and submission to punishments, exile, fines, etc., to which people appear to submit voluntarily, are always based on bodily violence or the threat of it.” – Leo Tolstoy

On Being an NFL Fan

This is a really good articulation of everything I hate about the NFL.  Same author from three posts down “Really great piece on Ferguson.”

The 32 dead souls ringing the Dr Strangelove war room of the NFL ownership meeting interrupt their Randroid tongue-bathing only to squeal like scalded truffle pigs at the thought of any power devolving to the actual people whose ability, knowledge and gameplay make the NFL worth watching in the first place. They issue great puling statements about income imbalance in a game that pays them $100m per annum just for the act of being able to cash checks and maybe pay attention long enough to run a franchise into the ground. Like Dan Snyder’s historian-hobbyist defense of racism, they crank up the victimization machine about a system in which employee contracts are rarely guaranteed past a single year and can be terminated for multiple reasons, and they rely desperately on fans’ willingness to think, I’d play or referee this game for nothing, these players are just spoiled millionaires. They can’t stop telling you about the selfishness of athletes who, in the last agreement between billionaires and a sputtering players union, consented to allowing Roger Goodell and future commissioners the wide latitude to suspend players for an entire year for smoking pot – then ding an owner with as much force as a popcorn fart, wag a finger at him and tell him to stay off Twitter for six games while sunning himself in a Caribbean tax shelter.

Sirota on Rahm’s Comcast relationship

In expressing his gratitude, Cohen singled out one particularly pro-merger mayor, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago. A former congressman and White House chief of staff, Emanuel wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission on Aug. 22 saying he believes the merger would be good for the Windy City, maintaining and enhancing Comcast’s “generous presence” in the area.

“We’re proud to have the support of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” Cohen wrote.

Not mentioned in Cohen’s post, however, is the fact that during his political career, Emanuel and political committees he controls has received more than $100,000 from Comcast and its employees.


Two Great This Is Hell Interviews

1.  Brian Mier of CEPR on Brazil – The main feature of this interview, for me, was him completely ripping on Zirin’s book Brazil’s Dance with the Devil.  Mier basically calls him out for bad reporting.  He has lived in Brazil for a long time and is a really credible voice on what is going on down there, and I will read Zirin with a large grain of critical salt after hearing this.

2.  Greg Palast on Paul Singer and his holding for ransom of Argentina – While Democracy Now goes on and on…and on and on ad nauseum about the Koch Brothers, this guy (Singer) is holding completely hostage an entire country (who’re supposed to be our allies), and the President has the power to stop him, which Palast brings up and makes an argument for.  Palast is a great interviewee, and he goes over his history of following Singer’s movements and being threatened by his goons.  He also goes over why he thinks the liberal media give Singer a pass.  His hypothesis in one idea/term:  Purple-washing.

BAR: To Zombie Civil Rights Organizations: Don’t Like Being Called Sellouts? Then Don’t Sell Out

Great piece from Bruce Dixon at Black Agenda Report directed at Jesse Jackson and other Civil Rights Movement ‘shills.’

The interests of the public and those of greedy corporations are at irreconcilable odds. They want war, people want peace. They want low wages, people want a living wage. They want to privatize and monetize the atmosphere and public resources and let the public pay their costs. People want to educate their children and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Everybody knows Comcast and AT&T are not going to donate to members of Congress or civil rights organizations who stand for consumers and the public instead of corporate interests. If they did, their shareholders and board members would swiftly correct them.

So maybe the former civil rights organizations and their leaders should stop pretending. Perhaps they should resign and confine themselves to being the mere dispensers of corporate charity, and silence themselves altogether on the grown folks business of politics. That would at least be honest. The fact is that since the days of Ida B. Wells there haven’t been many black organizations that did not derive their original funding or continued legitimacy from the patronage of white capitalists. This is where and what our traditional civil rights organizations are. They are zombies going through the motions, dependent upon corporations for funds and on the fiction that they represent us for their legitimacy.